Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Definition of terms used in Food Reinforced Training or Positive Reinforcement

  • Lure:  A lure is used to entice the dog into responding with a behavioral response.  The lure is intrinsically perceived by the dog as desirable without any training at all.  Most of the time, the lure used is food.  The lure is used as an enticement to get the behavioral response to occur and is shown to the dog before the dog does the desired behavior.
  • Reward:  A reward is used to reinforce the behavioral response after it occurs.  Most of the time, the reward is food.  The food is not shown to the dog until after the behavioral response occurs and is given to the dog immediately—within three seconds of the response and while it is still happening.  
  • Reward Marker:  A word, such as “good” or “yes” is associated with a food reward.  For example:  You say, “Sit” and the dog sits, you say, “Yes” and immediately give the dog the food reward. Over time, the reward marker, the word “yes,” can be used without the food, as it becomes rewarding on its own.  This is an example of classical conditioning.  

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