Friday, April 12, 2019

Home Safety Check Part 1

Puppyhood is a special and relatively short span of time in your dog's life.  Try to see your puppy's new home from his point of view. What follows may sound a bit silly and you may want to do it when no one is watching!  Go through your house at the same height of your new puppy so you can truly see what he sees and what might be tempting or even dangerous to be around.  This usually involves either a crawl or even scooting around your house on your belly!  This will help you puppy proof the environment from his perspective.  If you have younger children, this can be a fun activity and an experiential way for them to begin seeing the world from the puppy's point of view.

Puppy proof your house in the same way you would do for a crawling baby.  Exposed electrical wires, cords, shoes on the floor, open wastebaskets, raised lid on the toilet seat and many other items are possible places for the puppy to harm himself.  Decide in advance what can be left out and subject to a chewing puppy and what must be temporarily stored elsewhere.  Often I have heard owners complain that their puppy was chewing on his leash, their shoes or dragging their underwear around the house.  This is not a bad puppy, but a careless owner.  Remember the crawl through your house at the eye level of your puppy?  Anything that could be seen or reached is subject to puppy exploration--usually by his teeth!  Take the time to puppy proof his environment and save yourself some expense, frustration and a possible trip to the vet.  

Remember Principle #1: There's no such thing as bad behavior to a dog.

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