Tuesday, April 9, 2019


Leashes come in two types--those that are retractable and those that are not.

  • Retractable leashes have their place, but should not be your regular leash for training.  I tend to only use one for late night potty times in our own yard or at rest areas when traveling.  Retractables require a constant tension on the leash or they will retract.  They do not give the loose leash walking "feel" for the dog.  On the plus side, they do allow the dog to have more freedom and can be an alternative for the owner with disabilities.
  • The standard leash is six feet long and can be made of leather, nylon, cotton, climbing rope or even bungee cord.  They can be very thin or wide and heavy.  In general, use a lighter leash for a smaller dog.  I avoid the leashes with the "traffic" handle near the clasp.  They create extra weight on the leash and also tempt the owner to hold the leash too short.  I usually use a half to one inch padded nylon or leather leash of four to six feet in length.  Larger dogs may do better with a four-foot leash. 

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