Saturday, May 25, 2019

Recall with attention and hand targeting--Chapter 11

Walk along and then back up briskly saying the dog's name.  As he starts to return to you, use the word "come".  Be sure to say "Come" in a higher tone, loudly and with enthusiasm.  If you are luring, hold the treat as close to your body as you can.  When your dog comes to you, reward with the treat, words and scratches under his chin.  Occasionally, grab the collar, so he is used to it.  Begin this exercise in an environment that is known and quiet.  Gradually, add distraction and go to different places to practice it.  Remember to practice the recall (come) with walks and in the house.  A guideline is to ask your dog to come to you about 20 times each day!

In this sequence, notice the number of times Chadwyk "checks in" by looking at me instead of forward as he is walking.  That's the attention that I was referencing in yesterday's post..  Also I am using some hand targeting as well as luring.  Can you identify them in the video?

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