Monday, March 25, 2019

Pro Training Tip--Adding another Dog

When considering adding another dog to your pack, make careful observation of the pack you have.  Are the dogs in control?  How do they get along with dog's they don't know?  How "bidable" are they?  How old are they?    The dog/dogs you already have in your home will set the tone for the new one.  If your pack (that includes humans) are a team that get along well, where there is cooperation and little discord, is probably ready to accept another member. 

Do not get a new puppy when you have a teenage or younger dog.  These younger dogs have not yet developed a brain to be an empathic partner and will likely use the puppy as a recirculated toy rather than a companion.  An older dog is slowing down, less able to adapt to change and likely has the aches and pains of aging.  Adding a dog under the age of two is more likely to be a nuisance rather than a friend to him.  

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