Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Stopping a biting puppy--Chapter 4

Teach your puppy what isn’t acceptable by being sure there is no reinforcement for undesired behavior and desired behavior is being rewarded.  For example, if the puppy is biting you, calmly stop playing with him.  When he is no longer trying to bite, wait five seconds and continue petting or playing.  If he doesn’t stop trying to bite or continues when you resume play, stop.  Don’t say anything more or look at the puppy.  Ignoring your puppy, which is positive punishment, is the most desirable way to extinguish or stop your puppy’s unwanted behavior.   If your puppy is doing lots of biting/nipping, try feeding him a bit more food at each meal or adding a meal.  Sometimes, he is just hungry!  Sometimes, he is teething!  Sometimes, he is overtired!  You need to try to determine what is going on and correct the situation or train for an acceptable behavior to replace the biting.  A chew toy is a better object than your hand or ankles!


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